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December 4, 2011
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"Why don't you ever stop drawing that crap, [Name]?" You gritted your teeth discretely, hoping that the people crowded around you would go away.

"Yeah, I don't see the point in drawing aminee." You clenched your fists tightly at the mispronunciation of 'anime'.

"You're such a loser, [Name]!" Another girl laughed before the three of them left to go to a close by restaurant. You fought back tears once again. This happened all the time in high school, soon following you into college.

'When will this ever stop?'

Nobody could accept you for your love of anime. Even if you would watch it on occasions only, you still were never accepted by anyone due to the fact that you never stop drawing anime, either. You heard laughter from the side of you. You sighed and ignored it, most likely because they were making fun of you. Of course, you got part of the conversation and almost wanted to rip their throats out.

"Did you hear she has a friend in Portugal?"

"Yeah, I heard that, too! Talks to her everyday when she gets the chance, apparently.."

"Pff, what if its some old man that is acting as a woman?" Laughter followed immediately.

"Dude, I bet that she'd feel so stupid for trusting an old man with her information." You clenched your fist and felt a tear fall down your cheek. Everyone made fun of you for having friends over the internet. They never understood why you didn't have real friends.

"I don't like people..And nobody will accept me for me, so what's the point of real friends..?" You felt someone throw an empty McDonald's cup at your head. You didn't bother picking your head up, knowing people would make fun of you anyways.

"And she talks to herself, too! What a loner!!" Everyone that was around started laughing loudly, which was really unnecessary. You started shoving things into your backpack aggresively, ignoring the laughter all around you. With a huff, you stood up and stomped off to your apartment.

"She's so ugly! Why doesn't she consider to wear makeup? It'd make her look at least DECENT enough to come out of the house!"

"She probably put it on one day and noticed how much uglier she was when she did, so she doesn't wear it so she'll look at least A LITTLE nice." You clenched your fists, walking towards your house in anger.

'Maybe I should just stop leaving the house..I wouldn't be bugged about anything anymore..'


"Oi, Francis, what about that girl over there?" Gilbert pointed to, yet another, girl with her skirt almost above her butt. Francis sighed, unable to get [Name] off his mind.

"Mon ami, I'm sorry, but I don't like girls like that. Why are you so against me liking [Name]? Is it because of the rumors about her going around the school?" Gilbert stuck his tongue out in disgust at the sound of her name.

"Dude, she's so strange! Have you seen what she does all day? She doesn't even eat! Not to mention, she's always got her nose stuck in some strange Japanese book or whatever. Who reads books these days? So boring." Francis gave Gilbert a strange look.

"So? What if she has an interest in Japanese books? Is that such a problem?"

"You're seriously sticking up for her right now? Why bother? She's too weird for her own good." Francis furrowed his brow in frustration.

"Gilbert, I understand you're trying to keep me away from her, but why must I always go for girls-" He motioned to the girl Gilbert just pointed to. "-Like that? They aren't even dressed appropriately for this weather!" Gilbert made a 'tsk'ing noise.

"Dude, you don't understand. Girls like that are easy to get to and-"

"And that's why you've never had a true girlfriend before." Francis finished Gilbert's sentence in a flash. Gilbert gave Francis a look of disbelief.

"I have too!"

"Elizabeta doesn't count, considering you dumped her for that Becky girl. In which you dumped within two days, due to the way she talked to Antonio." Gilbert threw his hands in the air.

"She was such a bitch! She doesn't even treat the neutral people in class like humans." Francis slightly smirked.

"Then why did you date her in the first place?" Gilbert scowled at Francis before changing the subject.

"Whatever. Anyways, [Name] is strange. She's like..Annorexic or something..And she's real lazy. Doesn't do anything. Have you heard about her 'friend' in Portugal? Yeah, I doubt that's even possible. Especially if you met them over the internet. Plus, she always leaves the house in some dude's jacket. I'm sure she bought it at the store for herself just to feel like someone likes her. All in all, she's a freak." Francis went wide eyed at Gilbert's words.


His mouth twitched in disgust as he turned on his heel towards the direction of [Name]'s apartment. Gilbert blinked and held a hand out.

"O-Oi! Francis! Where are you going?!"

"That is none of your concern, Gilbert. Don't bother following, I wouldn't want it to ruin your reputation." With that, Francis turned the corner that led directly to her apartment.

'If he can't accept her for her, then I won't accept anyone who makes fun of my dear [Name].'


You stared at your fridge, hunger overtaking your body.

"I don't want to eat..I have a stomachache..And that'll just get worse if I do eat.." Your thoughts were intruppted by three loud knocks at thedoor. You blinked and stood up, soon getting on your stomach and crawling to the door like a ninja. You popped your head through the curtains, only to jump back with wide eyes.

'Francis..Francis..Bonnefoy..At my door..?'

You took a deep breath, putting your hand on the door knob slowly. You gulped and opened the door, squeezing your eyes shut, awaiting a pelt to the face of some strange "food". Surprisingly, nothing came for your face. You opened an eye to see Francis smiling at you, amused.

"Did you think I was going to do something, ma cherie?" You blinked and blushed a little, scratching your cheek.

"W-Well..I thought you'd be like the others..And throw something at my face.." You looked down in embarrassment. Francis gave you an apologetic look before stepping inside and closing the door behind him.

"No worries, dear. I'm not that rude to a lady as nice as you." He flashed you a sweet, truthful smile. Of course, there's always something that ruins such a nice moment. Such as your stomach growling. You blushed brightly and put a hand on your stomach, looking at your feet. Francis chuckled. "You are hungry, non?" You looked up at him with a wary look.

"..Why does it matter to you?" He blinked before smiling again.

"If you are hungry, then we can go out for dinner. Only if you want to, that is." You looked at him in disbelief.

'Why does he care..About my health..?'

You pouted and turned your head the other way.

"I'd rather stay home and starve. So why don't you go hang out with that..Gilvert or Gilfart guy and leave me alone. I'm sure there's a whooole long line of girls who would die for my spot right now." Francis stared at you with wide eyes.


"No, just..Francis, I'm nothing like you. I'm nothing like what you like to see in a girl. I'm weird, I don't wear makeup, I have strange interests-"

"And that's what makes you unique, [Name].." You blinked in surprise at his words. You turned your head to look at his smiling face, but you saw was a serious glint in his eyes. You blushed a little and turned your head again, mumbling words to yourself. Francis gave you an apologetic look before holding his hand out to you. "Shall we go out to eat?" He flashed you a smile, making your face heat up. You pouted and slipped on your shoes, reaching for your jacket. Before you could touch it, something warm wrapped around your shoulders. You blinked, looking to see a brown, leather jacket around your shoulders. You looked at Francis, who was smiling without a jacket on.


"Its my choice, mon amour. Don't freak out, please." You looked at him suspiciously before sighing and putting it on fully. Francis smiled at you and held out his arm for you. Pouting, you took his arm slowly. He led you out to his car that was parked in your driveway. You blinked in confusion.

"Francis, when did you-"

"I took a detour to my home and got my car. I knew you'd say yes to my offer." He smiled triumphantly as you blinked in confusion.

"You're so full of yourself..I hope you know that.." He chuckled and shook his head.

"Non, its more like I have good instincts." He smiled and led you to the passenger side of the car, closing the door after you got in. He walked over to his side and buckled in. You slouched over and looked out the window, not bothering to buckle up. Francis noticed and sighed. "[Name], you must buckle in. I cannot drive if you don't have your seatbelt on!" You turned your head, giving him a small smirk, then turned it back towards the window. He sighed again and leaned over the seat, buckling you in himself. You blushed brightly and looked at Francis from the corner of your eye, seeing him staring at the window intently. You blinked before smirking, turning your head back out the window.

"Are you looking for people to run over?" Francis smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

"I would do it if it weren't illegal, [Name]." You turned over to Francis, your ears perking up in interest.

"You'd really run people over if it wasn't illegal? Why?" He kept quiet for a moment, as if he were pondering something. You opened your mouth to say something until he interrupted you.

"The way these people have been treating you..It truly hurts me on the inside for how mistreated you are. They don't even treat you like you're human." You went wide eyed, but didn't turn to face Francis.

'Does he..Does he really feel this way..?'

You took a side glance, only to see Francis' serious expression towards the road. You gulped quietly, turning your head towards the window again. People were giving you angry looks again. You sighed and gave them the finger, not taking your eyes off of the cloud-covered sun.

"[Name]..The only reason I say that is because.." You looked over at Francis, who seemed to be at a loss of words. You sighed and patted his shoulder, leaning your head on your hand that was rested on the arm of the door.

"Francis, if you're just trying to make me feel better, then I'm fine with it. I don't care what others think, I'm fine with what I got back at my apartment. You don't have to do thi-"

"But I want to do this. Its the only way I could've ever spoken to you, [Name]." You blinked, now being the one at a loss for words. Francis Bonnefoy, one of the most popular boys around town, wants to spend the day with a loser as yourself. This must be a dream. You shook off the fought, cursing at the betrayal blush that dusted your cheeks.

"Yeah right..You can get any girl in the world and you choose ME of all people..Is Gilherbert paying you to do this?" You didn't see Francis crack a slight smile.

"You're the most perfect girl I've ever met in my life, [Name]. I don't care what others say about you, nor the rumors they spread." You were about to open your mouth to say something but the car stopped, Francis immediately beginning to unbuckle himself. "We are here, mademoiselle." He smirked at your shocked expression. "Exquisite, non?" You nodded, unable to put words into how you felt at the moment. He took you to a very expensive looking restaurant; fancy, as well. Francis opened your door, waiting for you to step out. You slowly unbuckled yourself and stepped out, looking at Francis with a look of disbelief. A frown followed quickly on his perfect complextion. "Quoi?"

"I'm pretty sure Gilfitzherbert is paying you to do this." Francis stared at you for a minute, as if he was contemplating something, then chuckled lightly. You pouted and turned your head to the side as he closed the door.

"Isn't that the fourth time you've gotten his name wrong? And besides, I'm not being payed to take a pretty lady such as yourself out to this fancy restaurant." Okay, the way he put that sentence made you believe he was being payed to take you out. You sighed, following him into the building.

"Bonjour! Puis-je vous aider d'une table?"[1] You blinked, thinking back to your year of French 1 you took in high school. You never learned that! As you tried thinking about what he could've said, your thoughts were interrupted as you were pulled down an aisle of tables. You blinked, noticing Francis grabbed your arm and took you along.

"I can walk, Francis!" He smiled at you, soon snaking his hand down to yours. You blushed brightly and pulled your arm away, following him with the same speed. Francis' smile softened as he saw you crossing your arms in his jacket like that.

'She is so pretty..Why doesn't she believe that I'm doing this by choice?'


"Francis, where are we going now?" Sure, he may have given you a night that you'd never forget, but you were tired of these surprises. Patricia was going to get on in a couple hours and you were too far from your home!

Francis bought you a delicious, yet expensive, meal for dinner, dessert following shortly after. Then, he took you to the movies, where you watched 'Elf', to get in the Christmas spirit. You both shared a big bowl of popcorn, in which you devoured most of, and he insisted that you two shared the large cup of soda. It was an extra-large, so you could understand why he made you share. But, the only thing that wouldn't leave your mind at the moment, was the fact that he'd made you smile way more than anyone you've ever met has. Your entire evening consisted of laughter and smiles. More smiles and laughter that you've ever experienced. You were still half-convinced that he is being payed by Gil-whatever-his-name-is, but you still felt as though he really meant it that he wanted to spend time with you today.

'What am I thinking? He wouldn't want to spend time with me, he just wants to hang out with a girl for once..'

You sighed as Francis didn't reply, rather opening his trunk and searching for something in it. You stood there, giving his behind a strange look.

'And he has the damned audacity to bend down in front of me. How gentlemanly like.'

You rolled your eyes and waited for him to stand up straight again, so your eyes would avert to his back instead of his butt. As if reading your thoughts, he stood up and closed the trunk, turning to face you with a smile. You blinked when Francis had nothing in his hands.

"Why'd we bother coming to your car again if you didn't even get anything out of it?" Francis chuckled and took hold of your hand again.

"You'll see soon enough, mademoiselle." You sighed and pulled your hand back from him, not wanting to get your hopes up more than you should. You looked at the ground sadly, replaying all of what happened today. The way he smiled at you when you were tasting the foreign food, the way he laughed at your intent stare at the movies; everything. You didn't want this day to end. You knew that by tomorrow, he'd be the same as he was before, ignoring you like he has ever since middle school. You felt tears welling up in your eyes. Quickly and descretely, you rubbed your eyes away of the tears. Francis, sadly, noticed and gained a look of concern.

"Is something the matter, dear?" You blinked back more tears, shaking your head quickly.

"I-I'm sorry, Francis..I can't..I'm sorry.." With that, you ran off towards your favorite tree, the tree that has been there for you, through everything you've ever been through.


Francis looked at the way that [Name] ran off in. Sadness washed over his body like a lightning bolt as his knees soon found the ground. He ran a hand through his shaggy blond hair in anguish.

"Why did you leave me, [Name]..? Everyone leaves me..No matter how nice I act.." Francis sat there, tears dripping lightly off his cheeks onto the cold surface below him. After a few minutes, he wiped his face off quickly and stood up, a new confidence washing over him. "[Name] will know how much I need her in my life, no matter what it takes for me to show her." He began to run in the path that you took, to comfort you. To prove that you're loved by someone. To show you how much he loves you. Memories of your smiling face ran through his mind. The way you laughed, the way your face shined in the dim lights of the restaurant; everything. He remembered how you scrunched up into a ball at the theaters, trying to keep the warmth in your body. The loving way he wiped your tear away near the end of the movie.

'I can't keep her from running through my mind..'

Francis heard the echoing sounds of [Name]'s sobs through the park. He blinked and ran faster, following the sound. Soon, he found himself standing just feet away from her. She was curled up into a perfect ball, crying into her knees. Francis' expression softened as he walked over to her, sitting down next to her quietly. Moments of silence, along with slight sobs from [Name], passed by as Francis caught his breath.

"Why'd you follow me..?" Francis turned his head to see if she picked her head up, but she was still in the perfect ball. He sighed and looked back up to the moon. It was being clouded over by the dark clouds of the winter night. His hand found his way to [Name]'s arm, soon pulling it from under her legs to hold her hand. Surprisingly, she didn't recoil like usual. He tangled his fingers with hers, opening his mouth to speak finally.

"I couldn't bare to see you in this state, [Name]..I worried, so I followed you.." No reply. Francis felt [Name] shift a little, her sobs slowly coming to a stop.

"..When did you start caring about me?" Francis smiled slightly to himself.

'Typical [Name]..Always being curious..'

"[Name], I've loved you ever since I saw you. It was love at first sight. The way your eyes sparkled every day, the way you would keep doing whatever it was you were doing, no matter the way people judged you. You've caught my heart, dearly." He turned his head to look at her. She was glancing at him from the side. He smiled at her. "Je t'aime, [Name]. I love you so much.." Francis felt [Name] squeeze his hand lightly.

"Then why didn't you tell me before, Francis.."

"That is because I didn't feel like it was right..I promised myself that I'd do it soon, but I was always too scared for you to run off, feeling as though it were a joke.." Without a second thought, [Name] had her arms wrapped around his neck and her face buried in the crook of his neck. He smiled gently and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"I'm sorry for treating you like crap, Francis..I'm so sorry for everything I've said to you earlier.." He chuckled and began to rub her back in reassurance.

"It's fine, [Name]..You just didn't know, is all.." [Name] pulled herself off of Francis and stood up, holding her hand out to him. He gladly took it and tilted her head up to look him in the eye. "[Name], you are the most unique girl I have ever met, and you should never change anything about yourself..There's nothing about you to change..Inside or out.." He smiled softly and kissed her forehead gently. They sat in silence together, enjoying the last of the day that brought them together.


No matter where you go, or what you may be doing, I'll always accept you.
Lame title is lame.

And then..That last line..

Nurr, this is something that's been in my mind for a long time.
Yes, the Portuguese friend is ~GameLovingFox.
I love you, Patty. >w<

My friends, on the other hand, were excited that I had a friend in Portugal...Truly unexpected, really.
OH MY LORD and my friend, Justin, asked me to ask her if it was hot in Portugal. xD

He's such an idiot..But I love him. xD

Nobody requested it, because nobody really ever requests a France story!
..He seems sorta..Out of Character.. ewe;;

3,521 words, 7 pages in Open Office Word 2.6

This took me 5 days to write, no joke.
I started on Wednesday, continued like 2 dialouges Thursday, got 1 sentence on Friday, and I started typing it on Saturday morning, but I was too tired to continue after my 6 hour shopping day. @__@

Excuse moi Francais. :iconhurrplz:

...Yeah, this came to mind when I drew like 2 different versions of something that I was thinking about one day.

Everyone at my school makes fun of me because I like anime and they look at me like I'm a monster because I don't wear makeup and I don't do anything special with my hair.
I could care less, really.
Its not like I'm going out to a hooker club to go and get raped by an old man.
Stupid preps..D:<
Lol, Becky is the girl who treats everyone like aliens. Even her "friends" xDD
Sorry if anyone's name is Becky.. ; w ;

Oh yeah...
Like my mistakes for trying to remember a simple name like 'Gilbert'? :XD:
I wanna call him Gilherbert.. owo
Or Gilvert or Gilfart. Whatever, same thing. xD
They all show how much of an egoistic fag he is.
I love you, Gilbert~ :'D
:iconprussiawtf2plz::iconsaysplz: Bitch..
..Yeah, I deserved that..>w>;;

I got Gilfitzherbert from Tangled, I just added Eugene's last name instead of 'bert'. xD

So thanks for reading, hope it didn't suck that much!!

:bulletwhite::bulletwhite: T R A N S L A T I O N S :bulletwhite::bulletwhite:

[1] Puis-je vous aider d'une table? -- May I get you a table? FRENCH FTW. //shot
Btw, I used Google Translate for that, so..yeah..>w>;; Correct me if its wrong, please. I never learned this in French, even though we're in a cafe unit. xD

:bulletblue::bulletblue: C R E D I T S :bulletblue::bulletblue:

France, Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
Storyline (c) ~07181997
Preview Picture (c) Definitely not me.
You (c) My big toe. //shot
You (c) Me //shot x2
You (c) Your mom //shot over 9000
You (c) Yourself..>3> //shot for the face at the end

WTF. D:<
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I wish people in my school could accept me like that....I draw WAY too much anime and people question me why I like it. I'm not planning to be in a relationship EVER, but I wish people were more accepting like France in this one 
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Francis!! What a cutie!! <3
Gilbert Antonio: but what about us? ;)
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You say France, I go NO! NO! HE IS NOT A PERVERT YOU BASTARDS! (One LTD [Lunch Time Detention])
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You say Spain, I go WHERE'S DAT TOMATO?! (Canteen ladies won't let me have any :( It's not my fault I could eat Toni's entire field of Toma Tomatoes!)
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